Aug. 8 – “I’m so done with California!”

PCT Mile: 1,519

Unfortunately, I still have 170 miles to go!

If I average 21 miles per day, I will finish the PCT by the end of September. But I must get out of California! The terrain has been unforgiving and relentless. First, I lost so much time navigating the high Sierras. Second, every resupply along the trail is a 4,000 descent followed by 5-6,500 foot climb back up. Week after week, these climbs just seem to never end. 

I’ve heard that many hikers can cruise through Oregon in less than 3 weeks. It’s very flat and that’s where I will make up time. So far, I’ve been doing 20’s, 25’s and some 30’s. This is keeping me on schedule but it’s starting to get a little frustrating. If I could only get out of California!!!

Today is a great example. I resupplied last night in Castella. This morning started with a 6,300 foot climb and a 9% grade up Castle Crags and a goal of 20+ miles. About 4 hours into this 7 hour climb, I became extremely agitated. This crap has been going on for 3 1/2 months. I’m really getting sick and tired of it!

The PCT smiles and whispers, “So quit. Just ring the bell and you can go home.” I ponder this for awhile before responding. “Do you really know what PCT stands for?”, I yelled back. “Persistence Creates Toughness! Now go to bed and get a good nights rest. I’ll see you in the morning.”

The end of this state is near and my 4th milestone will be achieved. I can’t wait!
Kevbo out. 

9 thoughts on “Aug. 8 – “I’m so done with California!”

  1. Nikki Amburn

    You are one of two PCT hiker blogs I follow. They both are awe inspiring, informative, with stunning photos and totally addictive. Can’t wait for the next episode, to be continued, next week! I was in Burney yesterday at McDonalds and saw a disheveled hiker on the wifi and thought about you and how far ahead of him you are. He is just starting what you are just finishing. Have grit and don’t give up. Many more than you know are rooting for you. So sorry about your Mom. I know how it feels. Treck on.


  2. Julie sheehan

    You’re killing it! And I love that you’re having conversations with the trail . Your eyes look softer and kinder. Not that you weren’t before but the quality of it has changed. The Miles and elevations may have been rough on your body, but look like they’ve done wonders with your soul. May the wind be at your back and Oregon a skip away. Always on your side!! Sending you strong knees and wishes for you to make your frustrations your biatch!!!


  3. yardman

    What an inspiration in the display of “Endurance”. You are one cool dude, (for an old man) ha ha.
    You are holding your own along with those of much fewer years.
    Stay strong and you will accomplish amazing feats. ! ! ! Watching you all the way.


  4. Alicia Nemic

    Keep going! You are so close now! You can do it!! You are such an inspiration and I just love your blog. One day at a time and sooner rather than later you will get it done!


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