August 3 – “Mom”

PCT Mile: 1407


I’ve lost count of the times on trail that my eyes have watered with tears or I’ve just outright cried. Here I go again. 

This is difficult to say, but I’m relieved to know that you’re struggle with this life on earth will soon be over. You were dealt such a crappy hand. For that, I am so sorry. You did not deserve this. 

But I have an idea. Last winter, I took grandma’s ashes to a beautiful snowy meadow in Idaho. Everyday, she has a spectacular view of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. As I was spreading her ashes in a circle around me, I asked her to join me on this journey. Grandma is such a slow poke. She’s always floating around sniffing wild flowers, petting the deer, and takes too much time at the summits. But she’s always here when I need her. 

Mom, when your life is through, please join us on the trail. I’ll do all of the work. You’ll get to see what I see, feel what I feel, and there’s plenty of free time to do whatever you want. No more wheelchairs, walkers, medicines, money worries, or emergency stops for a bathroom. You can just be by my side. 

And when we’re done with this journey, I’ll take a little piece of you to one of my favorite places on the PCT, Aloha Lake. It’s stunningly beautiful, peaceful, and serene. And yes, all of the little creatures want to play scrabble with you. I can see it now. 

Since aloha means good-bye and hello, I will say aloha to you now. Come and join me soon. 

Your loving son, 

Kevin (a.k.a Trail Dad)

14 thoughts on “August 3 – “Mom”

  1. Ralph

    Thank you for sharing your feelings about your mother But you are lucky to have her this long… my mom died shortly after I arrived in California 22 years ago. We had to cancel her trip which I know she would’ve loved because of her failing health.


  2. Colin Proudfoot

    We have been following you every day since the start. Particularly loved the princess Yosemite references, but are moved every day by your sentiment. Today you made us cry. Truly you are a great soul and thank you for being yourself so we all can see how humanity meets nature and challenge. Inspirational.
    Keep on blogging


  3. Julie sheehan

    Tears tears and more tears. Thank you for sharing this Kevin. I love how you visualize her and will be carrying her with you. My love goes out to you, your mom and your family. There are no platitudes or buts that I will offer you. Hello and goodbye is a beautiful way to capture it. You are a good soul Kevin.


  4. Patty Prunty

    Beautiful Kevin. 🙂 Was just hiking up in Mammoth and only went about 5 miles thought of you and your journey. Saw many hikers. What an amazing thing you are doing. The 5 miles was just about enough for me in that one day. Respect for you. George and I took a picture of the PCT Trail sign thinking of you and your journey, it is inspiring.


  5. Cheryl c

    I lost my mom way to early. Its always too early even if they are a 100! Youre mom is with you man. My mom is always routing me on too. I already have told my daughters i want to be in the eastern sierras. That way the sun is in my eyes in the morning, the view is in my heart, and i can help the hikers along the way. Bless you man and now to canada! Im hiking with you each morning with your blog. Man! Now i have tears typing this. Big hug!


  6. Pamela Aquilina

    Kevin, I totally get that your Mom will be in a better place, with you on the trail. Free from her body’s encumbrances. Fly free Mrs. Hall and soar.


  7. Kirk

    Your words and pictures have made me smile, laugh, feel serene, anxious and today you brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with all of us Kevin. Keep going my friend, at your own pace, one step at a time. There are so many who are with you.



  8. Daniel DeRensis

    You haven’t heard much from, but know you have been in my thoughts. Every time we have a “moment of silence” I sent you my thoughts for a safe and rewarding trip. I will now include your mother in my thoughts.
    Your Friend, Dan


  9. leonard

    Kevin – Sorry to hear your mother passed away on Sunday. She was a strong lady and gave it a good fight. I’m sure she’s in a better place and looking after you on the PCT.

    Hang in there buddy.


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