July 29 – “The PCT midpoint, 1,325 miles”

I’ve included some pictures this time!!


It’s hard to describe the feeling I had when touching the PCT midpoint. On one hand, it’s a huge accomplishment for an old guy like me. After all, it’s not everyday that 57 year old men get up and push their bodies to the extreme for 12 hours a day…month after month. On the other hand, I’m only halfway to Canada with only half of my milestones accomplished. I am choosing to look at it this way. My cup is half full, not half empty. From here on, I add more and more to that cup until it is completely full. 

 Let’s review my milestones:

1-Muster the courage to start this crazy journey (check)

2-Survive the Sierras (check)

3-Reach the PCT midpoint (check)

4-Leave California!!! (open item)

5-Cross the Bridge of the Gods (open item)

6-Touch the northern terminus (open item)

Lately, this is a typical view after a summit. 

This is a view after I smack my shin on a very sharp branch. 

This is about the only building or business not for sale in Sierra City. 

Some earlier shots out of Donner…

Matt and Molly. I call them M&M. 

JJ is from a very small village in Germany called Dienethal. Population 300. He threw out his back last week. Lately, we’ve been hobbling the trail together. We’re quite the spectacle. Cool guy. 

One of the deer flushed out of Belden. Poor Bambi was shaking like a leaf. 

PCT midpoint. Mile 1325!!!

Crossing my fingers that my new shoes will work for me!!!!!’

Until we meet again. 
Kevbo out!

11 thoughts on “July 29 – “The PCT midpoint, 1,325 miles”

  1. Heidi

    Hi Kevin, just wanted to say hello and let you know I’ve been following your progress and how impressed I am with your perseverance and determination. By now you’re beyond halfway, what an accomplishment! Take good care of yourself, stay safe. Keep on truckin’! 😉


  2. Monica Marie

    Congratulations! And so relieved for you the foot is better! You’ll be seeing Shasta soon and she’ll be getting bigger each day! Woo!


  3. Bill Reed

    I have been following your blog since May. First comment today. There is no doubt you are going to be successful in completing the PCT. You have an iron will and strength. I’ve enjoyed every word and photo you’ve posted.


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