July 27 “To all of my followers”

I can’t thank you all enough for your words of encouragement. Technology is frustrating in the mountains when trying to maintain a blog that’s for sure!  I can assure you that I read every text and comment even though I don’t respond. You all warm my heart!!!!

10 thoughts on “July 27 “To all of my followers”

  1. Steve Mellem

    Hey Kevin,

    I have been wanting to do the Trail for years now and it eats at me every year when I see everyone take off and go. I am about your age with an amazing wife of 31 years 3 daughters (2 married, granddaughter due in September, and my youngest getting married next April. I have been following you since the beginning. I am so impressed with you achievement of the Sierra’s. Your latest post about having to leave the “kids” gave me tears. I am praying for your strength and you wisdom in these next few months. I am praying the Good Lord gives me the opportunity to give it a go as well…


  2. Monica Marie

    Like Steve you hugging your Trail Kids brought a tear to my eye. But my sadness was replaced with joy in that you found each other and took care of each other for so many weeks! What a blessing and lifetime a head of friendship! I limp when I backpack and have to psych myself up for the pain every trip. I can’t fathom what you’re doing on yours for this many miles… what you’ve done already is a HUGE accomplishment and I wish you many more miles of adventure! I know others will cross your path when you need them and you’ll have time on your own when you need that too. But you’re never alone! By sharing from your heart you touch all of ours.


  3. Dan Lowe

    Keep up the great work Kevin! Thoroughly enjoying following you on FB…The Tour de France came through our village this year, and I got some footage & texted it to Jen. It matches that picture the two of you took a few years ago in your cycling gear in front of the Chateau de Siorac. Happy trails!


  4. Dan F.

    Listen to your feet, at least until they stop barking and forge on! Measure the pain and if you are doing lasting damage 🛑 but wait and see if a little rest and some modification of your routine doesn’t bring some relief and as the trail changes so might the pain. But first and foremost you are the most important and your feet are meant to last your lifetime so above all be smart. Love Dan and Linda


  5. Julie sheehan

    I just got caught up on the last few posts. Oh man, your foot!!! That sounds horrible. I’m such a pussy I can’t imagine twenty eight miles of limping. You are one resilient man , you know that?! I’m so happy you got to see your family. Sending you continual love and support from your fan club here at home! I hope you going at a pace that works best for your body will help. And I really hope you get a chance to sit on a peak and soak it on for as long as you want and can push back on the keep moving voice and remind it that this is once in a beautiful lifetime . May you swim. May you breathe deeply. May you heal. And may you be held tenderly by the powers that be.


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