July 17-19 “It’s now about the miles!”

PCT Mile: 1090 – 1153

I so needed that break in Reno. It’s amazing how much work is involved when taking a couple of zeros. We arrived Friday, and by Saturday afternoon, we could finally relax. 

Jennifer and Andrea cooked so much food! I weighed 180 lbs when I got there. I’m sure that 185 was achieved by Sunday. 

Seeing my wife and daughter was wonderful. You just never realize how important family is until you’ve been gone for a long time. They mean so much to me. 

Now it’s about the miles. It’s transitioned from wondering what snow challenge was just ahead to lots and lots of miles! I can feel the pressure and know that mental determination is going to be my new summons. 

Aloha Lake

Impromptu birthday for Dos Tacos. They flipped last month and we just ran into them. 

I can do this!  Deep breaths. Exhale. Repeat. 

Kevbo out!

6 thoughts on “July 17-19 “It’s now about the miles!”

  1. Ralph

    Is that “Skinny Kevin” that I see? The Boys say hello and miss you. I briefed them on out conversation. Stay safe and healthy.


  2. Rosemary

    My husband Rob and I have been following your journey from Day One. It is a life-changing challenge trekking the PCT, one that changes one’s perception of the world and where you stand within that geography and universe. All your experiences, the people you have met, the endless decisions, the “being there” in your unadorned honesty is priceless and unmatched. You are the pebble dropped in the pond, sending out the concentric ripples that radiate outward that touches every single other soul you meet. Every cell in your body has changed as a result, and the cellular memory will inform the rest of your life.

    My sister-in-law, Joellen, has been an Angel for more than 10 years and encouraged us to join her. Her daughter hiked the PCT too, so Rob and I became Trail Angels for the first time this May. We had such a great experience and hope to continue.

    I admire your integrity and the spirit with which you approach life.

    With every good wish,

    Rob and Rose


  3. Mark Vara

    Kev, thank you for sharing the video of Aloha Lake….beautiful indeed! Great connecting with you on Sunday (7/16) for a few minutes. We are encouraged by your journey and we (K & M) love you! Prayers for you and the trail kids continued safety as you embark upon completing your PCT journey.


  4. Pat B

    Quite a feat!

    Sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed those well-deserved zero days in Reno, I see you’re back out and just crossed I-80 this morning.

    Really glad I stumbled across your blog a month or so back, even happier I stumbled into meeting you and the trail kids last weekend at Carson Pass / Meiss Meadow last week.

    For those not out with the “trail family”: My wife, a friend and I decided to day hike at Carson Pass last week. While talking to a group of PCT hikers at Carson Station, I asked if anyone had a blog going. One responded with, “Oh, who are you following?” “Trail Dad” I responded. She smiled at me and said “We’re the Trail Kids! Trail Dad is a half hour or so South of here!”

    Still, I almost missed you. We decided to hike off trail up the ridge to check out the wildflower bloom, then headed towards Round Lake (TRT) to find another meadow someone told us about. While hiking back South, I spotted Trail Dad about 20-30 feet up the trail, walked up and introduced myself with “Hey, Trail Dad, What’s Up? He says “No Way!!”

    Great to chat with you about my upcoming JMT trek, looking forward to the rest of your story here.

    Pat in Sebastopol


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