July 4 – Day 72 “2 Passes”

Miles 23
PCT Mile: 942

Back into the snow, we summited Island and Donohue Pass. Once at the top, we quickly descended to below snow level on our way to Tuolumne Meadows. Everything in Tuolumne was severely damaged by heavy snow so our resupply is down in the valley. Ugh! We’re going to lose a day of hiking because of it. That’s okay. I’m determined to see Jennifer and Andrea by the 14th. I have incentive!!!

We are resupplied and ready to rock and roll!!!

Kevbo out!

3 thoughts on “July 4 – Day 72 “2 Passes”

  1. Monica Marie

    I still can’t believe you got through the Sierra snow to this point! With the highest passes of the JMT behind you I hope you will make your rendezvous with your family – – but even if you’re late all that really matters is the safety of you and Trail Kids! You guys are awesome!


  2. Larry Hall

    Kathy, a lady here who’s following you, found your video on U-tube and showed it to us at coffee the other day – the one where you and the “kids” are practicing crossing the rivers and you are describing yourself as the “trail dad”.

    Remember, it once took us four days to descend to the Valley floor from the Meadows.

    Hope all is well



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