Jun 30 to July 1 “Silver Pass and beyond”

PCT Mile: 906.6
I can’t believe it!  Over 900 miles so far. 

We are in Reds Meadow for a quick layover. I’ve crossed so many streams and snow fields in wet boots. My X-ultras are just too heavy and don’t dry by morning. We’re trying to get a ride into Mammoth. 

Our plan is to hit Tuolumne Meadows in 3 days for a resupply. Hopefully, our packages will be delivered. Otherwise, we may have to go into the valley and that will be quite inconvenient. 

July 14th is our target date for South Tahoe. Jennifer, I can’t wait to see you!

The last couple of days have produced some great photos. Here are a few!

Simon with yet another surprise after a hard hike…an ice cold Diet Coke!!!!

Kevbo out!

7 thoughts on “Jun 30 to July 1 “Silver Pass and beyond”

  1. Larry Hall

    Thanks for the phone call this AM to let me know you’re alright. Is Tuolumne Meadows the same one we left from when we took the 4-day trip to the Valley Floor in the early 80’s? Those photos sure make me want to be there. What beauty! You are an inspiration to everyone here. Keep up the good work. Have fun and stay safe!




  2. Ralph Atkins

    Amazing photos looks like you’re on the 20 yard line to Southlake for amazing photos looks like you’re on the 20 yard line to Southlake Tahoe


  3. Lynn Heislein

    Awesome pictures Kevin. Welcome “home”! Will be doing a day hike on the 4th from the Carson Ranger Station on Hwy 88. Here the snow is pretty deep in the area, but they’ve had a few PCT thru hikers come through. We’ll be heading to Meiss Meadows, bug spay in hand! Still lots of snow from Aloha Lake and people are turning around. The water taxi was supposed to start this weekend at Echo.


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