Jun 21 – Day 59 “We’re going in!”

I posted some more stream pics…

When there are no rental cars available, you go with the next best thing….a U-Haul van. 

This is the Trail Dad shuttle. I carted PCTers all over town in this. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. 

We stayed 4 days in Bishop trying to decide whether to push on or head up to Oregon. 70% of the PCT is covered in snow. We have 9 creek crossings between Kearsarge and VVR (97 miles). The valley temperatures are rising quickly so this could be a blessing and a curse. If we wait a little longer, more trail would be exposed. This would also mean higher water levels. The decision to push on was further complicated by more and more PCTers leaving Bishop and heading for Ashland. 

After many conversations, we decided to take an extended rest. The logistics for heading up to Oregon would burn a lot of hiking days anyway. So we rented a real car and drove to our vacation home in Reno. A few more days of rest couldn’t hurt either.   
One of our main objectives while in Reno was to find a creek and practice our stream crossings. What a blast! Taylor Creek in South Lake Tahoe was perfect. It was hot and the water rushing, but not enough to pose any danger. We practiced for over 2 hours. We had quite an audience. Many tourists stopped to watch these homeless looking people deliberately walking back and forth across the creek. 

Check out this video!


8 days later, the trail has 30% snow coverage. We are more confident having practiced our stream crossings, and are really anxious to get started again. Today we head back into the mountains to continue our adventure. Wish me and my Trail Kids luck and safe travels. 

Kevbo out!

8 thoughts on “Jun 21 – Day 59 “We’re going in!”

  1. Gary Aquilina

    Great and smart idea to practice the stream crossing, I hope you practiced with your packs on? Might make a difference. Anyway thanks for the post, be safe, enjoy the Oregon portion of the PCT! Glad you enjoyed a few days of rest and relaxation!


  2. Larry Hall


    I received some photos from some friends who crossed the PCT about 75 miles from the Canadian border. It was beautiful country. Haven’t heard from you in a week, so was wondering how the trek was going? There was an article on the Internet about the dangers the wet weather has brought-on to PCT Hikers from last winter’s snows. Crossing the streams and rivers made me worry a bit.



    Hi Kevin, Finally read your very first entry. If you change your mind and end up flying into Ashland after all, let me know as I’m only 20 min from Medford Airport. I did pick up a through hiker last July who had to fly home to NY for a few weeks then re-join the trail here. ( I dropped them at Callahans a few days later) Anyway let me know if I can be of any help to you and Trail Kids in any way throughout your journey! (monicamarie626@gmail.com)



    Also—you wouldn’t be the only group to do this—last summer a young couple could no longer deal with the extreme heat and left the PCT in Dunsmuir taking the train to Olympia and walking the entire trail SOBO until they reached Dunsmuir then went back up to WA end of Sept to finish the PCT with their original “bubble”. The cool weather up north breathed new life into them!


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