Jun 13 – Day 51 “Kearsarge”

Miles 10
PCT Mile: 789

I had a 1 oz. honey shot and a cliff bar to get me over Kearsarge and the climb out was not going to be easy. The trail was somewhere north of us requiring a treacherous ford that we were in no mood to tackle. Well, let’s just take a couple of hours and climb up this boulder field. Up we go. It was like stairmaster on steroids. 

After reaching the top of the boulder field, I mentally went to another place. We had 2 more hours of climbing followed by a 2 hour slushy decent to the Kearsarge trailhead. I thought of cheeseburgers, tator tots, ice cream, pizza, and chili verde…anything to keep me moving. It worked! I was finally below the snow level…warm and safe. 

I’m heading to Bishop with my Trail Kids for a much needed rest. I will be having a sleeping bag burning ceremony in the parking lot at my hotel if anyone wants to join me. Some other gear changes are in order as well. 

Thanks for your support!

Kevbo out!

12 thoughts on “Jun 13 – Day 51 “Kearsarge”

  1. Pam A

    I’m holding my breath while reading the last 3 posts. OMG! I can’t wait for the next chapter and hear you made it to civilization and got some food and a new sleeping bag.


  2. Larry Hall


    If I made you a pot of Chili Verde where would I send it? On the other hand, maybe I’d better save it ’til you come up.

    You know, we’ll all be looking for a slide or video presentation.



  3. Larry Hall


    I just had coffee with a recently retired forest ranger from Alaska, and he seemed to know everything about bags. He said that if you didn’t already know about Wiggy’s sleeping bags, you should check them out. He also explained some of the bag’s properties that sounded like something you would be interested in.



  4. Monica Marie

    I just updated to WM bag too after 30 years in my old one. I LOVE mine after 2 seasons… I think you will too. Good choice! Looking forward to your blog posts. I pick a few people each year to follow for 6 months.. that’s it. Didn’t want you to think I was some creeper or something!


  5. Julie sheehan

    Just got all caught up on the last week of posts. Holy shit my friend! This is no joke! Not that I ever thought it was- especially 20 mile days but daaaang! Creeks and some shared tears and snow and big ass boulders! I’m in the safety of my house but my butt cheeks are clenched with adrenaline. Great recounts and please be so careful out there! Sending you continued love and support!


  6. bob

    Your adventure is amazing, and your pictures are fantastic. You show that this not just another walk in the park!
    The BITB are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers
    If possible could you identify the location, or peaks in your pics so we can see about where you are?
    Keep up the faith Brother.


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