June 8/9 – Day 46 & 47 “Heading North”

Miles 17

PCT Mile: 719.2

Miles 25
PCT Mile: 741.65

Now that we are in the Sierra Nevada, the trail is actually taking us in North. I have seen more water flow by me in 1 minute than the entire first 700 miles of this journey. It’s great to be in the mountains. Tonight we are camping by Cow Creek. The sound of a rushing stream is music to my ears. It’s my first campfire with the Trail Kids. We have some big climbs ahead us. Hopefully, we will get thru Forrester pass in 5 days. 

“There is beauty all around. There is shade. There is clear mountain water. There is peaceful solitude in these mountains. This is the Sierra Nevada. This is my Heaven.” –Trail Dad

I keep saying to myself “Welcome Home!”

Kevbo out!

One thought on “June 8/9 – Day 46 & 47 “Heading North”

  1. Larry Hall


    How long does it take for your friend to empty that size of bladder? In fact, that’s the first external bladder I have ever seen.



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