Jun 10 – Day 48 “Higher and higher we climb”

Miles 15 
PCT Mile: 755.23

We are now over 11,000 feet. There is snow everywhere and we’ve lost the PCT beneath it. Maps in hand, we just boulder scramble and make our own trail. As the mountain steepens, we put on our crampons and bushwhack our way towards Chicken Spring Lake. 

Sun cups are an odd phenomenon. As the snow melts, huge cups form making it difficult to navigate over them. They can be anywhere from 4 inches to a foot deep. If you don’t watch every step you can twist an ankle or tweak your knee. My level of concentration is very high. 

It was a tiring day but it certainly is beautiful up here!

Kevbo out!

2 thoughts on “Jun 10 – Day 48 “Higher and higher we climb”

  1. Larry Hall


    It looks like you hit a patch of Thistle Cone Pine trees, the oldest living things on earth. There are trees in Yosemite that are over 6,000 years old. They have always fascinated me.

    What beautiful country!



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