May 29 – Day 36 “Time for a break”

Miles 17
PCT Mile: 558.51

It was another early morning of hiking with only 4 hours of sleep. Up at 2:30, and on the trail by 3. I had about 3 hours of night hiking before dawn, and enjoyed another beautiful sunrise. The climb was not overly difficult but it was constant. I reached the top by 7am. As I came around the bend in the trail, I heard “Trail Dad!” from hikers sitting in chairs! Trail Angels again! There were people there with coffee, apples, cookies, and water. 

I needed the break. Robert, one of the Trail Angels, came over and said, “Are you Kevbo? I’ve been following you since Campo.” He then proceeded to talk about some of my past experiences. That was so cool. Robert, you made my day! 

A big shoutout to all of the Trail Angels out there. You are so appreciated! To give without expecting anything in return is so rare these days. Your acts of human kindness touches my heart. 

Finally, I’m in Tehachapi for a much needed zero day tomorrow. 

I will be offline for a few days. The next stretch of desert is the most remote on the trail, 135 miles. Wish me luck!

See you at mile 702!!!!

Kevbo out!

15 thoughts on “May 29 – Day 36 “Time for a break”

  1. Ann Camello

    The love and kindness you give and get along the trail warms my heart. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you! Congratulations on over 550 miles!


  2. Kirk

    Safe travels while you are off line. I know I speak for many when I say that we are looking forward to your next installment. Safe travels.


  3. DSchena

    Kev…never a dull moment buddy! So thankful and glad for the angels, AND all of your new hiking friends! Stay safe on the next leg…I’m sure more remarkable stories are awaiting! Love ya pal!!


  4. Jeff Nielsen

    Good luck Kevbo! Especially through this next long stretch. The Nielsen’s have really enjoyed following you! It’s like our own version of a “reality tv show”, but better!! The pictures and your narratives are great and so much fun to follow. Thanks for letting us piggyback on your adventure. Take good care- Jeff and Anne Marie-


  5. Rosemary

    Hey Trail Dad,

    I’ve been reading your blog with great interest following our first experience as trail angels. Joellen, my sister-in-law had been a trail angel since her daughter completed PCT before cell phones. She introduced us to this wonderful experience in early May at White Water and Agua Dulce. What an amazing and rewarding experience it was for my husband and I. We have joined your cheering section and look forward to reading more about your progress and experiences. Be safe and keep hydrated.

    With every good wish,

    R & R MacConnell


  6. Gary Aquilina

    Kevbo: It has been an amazing 550 miles , and it continues to become more of the adventure you were looking for! Thank you for sharing your experiences and photos, I realize how much of our state I have not seen, and how beautiful, each landscape can be. Keep going we are with you in spirit, and blessings to the trail angels, and you as well.


  7. William Ikard

    This is so great. Barb and I read your Blog every night…Great to have Trail Angels…I believe you also have them in our community. God Bless and wear lots of sun screen!!!


  8. Ralph Atkins

    If you were well on this next leg of your journey Sports update Predators just won game four to tie series at two games Warriors up 2-0 over Cleveland.


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