May 25 – Day 32 “A nice day until…

 Miles 20

PCT mile 498

My plan is to get to Hiker Town by Saturday morning for a resupply. I’ll take the day off and head out early on Sunday. I really need a full day or so to recharge in a real town. From Hiker Town to Mojave/Tehachapi it’s about 50 miles. That’s where I plan to recharge the batteries. After Tehachapi, it’s 140 miles of remote desert hiking…no cell service and scarce water. I’ll need to carry 6 days of food and lots of water!

The day is pleasant and the hike is not difficult. My trail kids wanted to stop early but I wanted to keep going. Sawmill Creek was closer to Hiker Town making tomorrow’s hike a little easier. I was going to make dinner, relax, sleep in a little, and have a nice leisurely cup of coffee in the morning…….

I am dead sexy 😜

I arrived at Sawmill Creek by 6pm and the wind was starting to kick up a little. I made sure that my tent stakes were deep and put a large rock on the windward stake. There goes my dinner at a table. The temperature dropped so I decided to make dinner in my tent. The wind was really starting to kick up. Hmmmm. 


Kevbo NOT out!

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