May 24 – Day 31 “1 Month on the trail”

Miles 26

PCT Mile: 479

I could say…it’s hard to believe that it’s been a month already…but I won’t. It feels like all of that. Life is certainly different out here. 

Today, i found a great rhythm. I was up at 3am and on the trail by 4. The weather was going to be warm again and I wanted to put in some miles before the wall of fire arrived. 

Hiking in the desert during the early morning is quite serene. My body was a little resistant to the initial climb, but eventually I found a groove. 

At around noon, I saw that my Trail Kids and other hikers had stopped for a nap under some shade, but I wanted to keep going. My goal was to get to Casa De Luna by 4…then I could be done for the day. 

Luckily, the wall of fire never really arrived. It was warm but there was a breeze blowing. It kept me moving and I arrived at the road into Green Valley just before 4pm. I had been on the trail for 12 hours. 

Now Casa De Luna (AKA, The Anderson’s) is a very interesting place. Terri Anderson has opened up her home and property to hikers. It’s better just to show you some pictures. 

You know those nachos they serve at sporting events? Refried beans, liquid cheese glop, jalapeños, onions, olives, sour cream, and salsa… she makes them every night for the hikers. All you can eat, for free! I had two large plates. For breakfast, she serves buttermilk pancakes and coffee. I brought my peanut butter. 

Trail family photo. 

By 9pm I was wiped out. I had been up for 19 hours. Maybe I will actually sleep!  

Kevbo out!

4 thoughts on “May 24 – Day 31 “1 Month on the trail”

  1. Pam Aquilina

    Kevin, looks like you need to be more diligent about the sunscreen. You are looking kind of red there.
    I can’t believe this woman does all that, every day, for free. What does she do for money?! and, that all of that “stuff” will be packed up, picked up, and gone by early the next morning. Amazing.
    The pictures are amazing. Beautiful lake in the distance. I think California has more lakes than we are aware of. Just that a lot of them are hidden in the wilderness, where almost no one goes.


  2. Julie sheehan

    You look relaxed and happy! Gorgeous photos! And how very cool that that lady does that. Little living angels everywhere and it looked like quite the turn out. 19 hours is INSANE!!


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