May 23 – Day 30 “Agua Dulce”

Miles 10.5
PCT Mile: 454

Out of camp by 6am for a 10 mile hike into Aqua Dulce. By 9:30, it was already hot. When I first got into town, I stopped at the little liquor store, bought a 1 liter lemonade, one very large Sprite, and one large cup of ice. I walked outside and sat on the steps. It was the most refreshing drink ever. I mean ever! By the time I was done, it was 11 and scalding hot. I had 1 mile to road walk up to Hiker Heaven. 

Donna has opened her horse ranch to thru-hikers. It’s unbelievable! She does laundry, ships packages, lets you camp, offers outdoor showers, stores your resupply boxes, has bunk beds, charging stations, hiker boxes, sewing repair, haircuts, and outdoor toilets. She does this for free but accepts donations. This person is truly amazing. 

It’s so hot and I saw the forecast is for cooler weather later in the week. The heat is to be taken seriously. Someone had heat exhaustion yesterday on the trail to Agua Dulce. We are planning to head out around 4am tomorrow. 

Today is chill at Hiker Heaven. Very cool. 

The next 2 weeks is desert, desert, and more desert. I need to seriously psych up for this. It’s gonna be tough. 

Kevbo out!

5 thoughts on “May 23 – Day 30 “Agua Dulce”

  1. Leonard Ruggieri

    Looks like you are having a great experience and meeting interesting folks. Always look forward to reading your updates. You da Man!


  2. Don

    I thought you were out of the desert. Some beautiful pictures and interesting narrative.
    Glad to see that you are pacing yourself, you are doing great!!!
    I see that you have the hikers appetite, everything other than camp food is gourmet.
    Be safe and have fun.


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