May 22 – Day 29 “Adaptability”

Miles 8
PCT Mile: 444.3

We got up at 4am and hit the trail at 5. I was shocked at how good my body felt after such a crazy day. The plan was to get to Hiker Heaven before the heat…about 18 miles. We had also heard about the Acton KOA campground just 8 miles away. They had a pool and showers but wanted to make another 10 miles to our resupply. Since we were all craving junk food, we stopped at the KOA. 

Stunning huh?

A few of the hikers informed us that a huge group left early for Hiker Heaven. We weren’t really up for an energy draining hike just to hang out with tons of hikers. It’s quiet here. So, we decided to stay. 

Andrew, he doesn’t sit still for more than 5 minutes, rented a car! We went to In/Out burger, hit Vons for resupply, stopped by the post office, swung by REI, then brought two huge pizzas back to camp. I am so happy to have a new pillow and mattress. 

Resupply at the post office door. We got some interesting looks from people 😜

Awesome day!!!!!
Kevbo out!

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