May 20 – Day 27 “Some things you just can’t make up”

Miles 18.7

PCT Mile: 406.7

How many times do you look at yourself in the mirror on a normal day? On the trail, I go days at a time without a thought of what I look like. I do get a kick out of seeing myself every 4-5 days. 

I passed a group of Boy Scouts today and mentioned that I will pass the 400 mile mark today. Lots of murmurs from the group 😜. 

We met this interesting person on the trail today. Normally, the conversation starts by asking their trail name. She tells us that she got hers when her friends dropped acid one day in the mountains. Okaaaay….

About 10 minutes later we climb up to a rest area off by the highway. This same girl had taken the road instead of the trail. She had a strange box around her neck so we asked her about it. She pulls out a 2 week old cat. She’s taking it with her on this trip. Riiiight! I now call this poor little cat, Trail Bait. Some things you just can’t make up. 

So, I’ve made a big decision to stay with the Trail Kids. They really want me to hang with them through the Sierras. We get along great. Even though I’m not as fast, I can put in the big miles. I also feel that it will be much safer with a competent group of athletes than doing the Sierras alone. 

Dinner at the Four Seasons….

Kevbo out!

6 thoughts on “May 20 – Day 27 “Some things you just can’t make up”

  1. Julie sheehan

    I read these all out of order and when they come in so hopefully my comments make sense. Love the story about the sad French song. I hope you remember that forever. And daaaaayyyuum!! Your feet don’t look so happy in the last picture. Know that your Lifetsyle Rx family loves you and discusses your greatness often!


  2. bob

    Julie was right, your feet in the last picture appear worn out. Your progress is amazing!
    400 miles! 30 miles in a day!! Your travelogue is great, the pictures help understanding where you are and what you are going through, and the narrative is just like you were talking to us over a cup of coffee at Peets. I showed some to my kids and they are amazed, just like me.
    Keep up the good pace and attitude. I hear JD is scoring alot lately. we will raise a glass of Ginger beer to you on Wed.! Have you heard about Dans woodworking “accident”? Nothing serious , cut two left fingers , which is going to leave a mark.
    Thanks for taking the time to blog for everyone, great adventure
    Namaste, y’all.


  3. DSchena

    Kev….I’ve gotten to the point where I am REALLY looking forward to the next chapter! Simply amazing my friend. Love how you’re capturing the highs and lows (literally) of this journey. And I always loved books with pictures :-).


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