May 19 – Day 26. “Baden-Powell”

Miles 21
PCT mile 390.3

Total ascent: 5,300 ft.

Total descent: 5,800 ft.

Average 10.3% grade

We were all up early ready to climb Baden-Powell. It was going to be a long day but I was rested and ready. 

We just climbed and climbed…all day. 

We were starving after such a long day ! The first thing everyone did after taking off their pack? Foooooood!!!

Dinner finished, I’m tired but happy. I laid on my sleeping bag and, basically, couldn’t move. Pete asked if I wanted to watch the sunset and I said yes…but I just laid there. It was a good day!

Kevbo out. 

6 thoughts on “May 19 – Day 26. “Baden-Powell”

  1. Pam Aquilina

    Kevin! Almost 400 miles in what 4 weeks? Incredible. How are your boots holding up? When do you swap out for a new pair?
    Great pictures! Amazing scenery. I’m glad you have company, and have made trail friends (kids). Keep up the great work, and writing.


  2. Don

    It took me a while but I finally logged into your blog from my home computer. I still need to read some more of your postings but I first wanted to congratulate you on your progress so far. You are doing great!!!
    I hope everything has gone and will go well for you on your trek.
    Take care, Don


  3. Gary Aquilina

    The pictures from the top of the world are amazing! Keep going Kevbo, you have the will and the energy.
    And yes your drivers license photo is like most of ours… time has not been very good to us 🙂


  4. Kevin, you are amazing. What a remarkable experience. Your endurance and stories of perseverance are inspiring. Keep your head up and your possative attitude. We are all sending our love and support.


  5. Ralph

    Thank you so much for carrying us on your journey I have a feeling you will come back a changed man Not that you weren’t a great guy before you left to chase your dream NHL update. Predators are in the finals. Senators pushed it to a game seven in Pittsburgh tonight The boys say hi And miss you a lot


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