May 18 – Day 25 “What a difference a day makes.”

Miles .7

PCT Mile: 369.4

Wow! It’s seems like forever since I’ve had signal and Wifi! I have a bunch of stuff for you. 

While checking into my hotel yesterday, the lady asked for my ID. 

She said, “You look very different than your driver’s license photo.” Ya think?

During breakfast, I saw this great sign over the door. 

“Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means you decide to see beyond the imperfections.”  So true!!!!!

I stayed in Wrightwood from yesterday afternoon until about 4:00 today. It was a much needed rest after Cajon Pass!  

I had made arrangements to join my Trail Kids (I’ll introduce them later) for the next few days. As I was waiting, I struck up a conversation with a local artist and his son. He ended up taking 3 of us back to the trailhead 5 miles away. That’s what I love about these small PCT towns. Everyone understands drill and most are really helpful. 

With less than a mile to campground/visitor center, our energy level was high. 

We setup our cowboy camp looking straight across the valley at Baden-Powell. Each one of so excited to summit tomorrow. Now contrast that from 2 days ago, where all I could see was a miserable climb and 40+ hellacious switchbacks. 

The 5 of us were sitting on the bench watching the sunset on Baden-Powell when Simon, from Montreal, began singing a sad love song in French. He couldn’t really carry a tune and it just didn’t matter. No one spoke. There was a long pause when he finished. We were just taking it all in.  That moment…totally priceless!!

These are my Trail Kids, a spinoff from the original snowboarder crowd. From left to right: Brooke, Simon,Andrew, and Peter. 

Peter just finished his doctorate in materials science. Andrew has a masters in engineering and Simon has a degree in mechanical engineering. 

It cracks me up. They’re constantly trying to solve problems. They each created their own version of a gravity filter and competed by timing a one liter fill. They discussed Base 10 vs. base 12. I’m all…duh. Very entertaining! They pay attention to every detail when it comes to planning water, resupply, and rest. I like the way they think. 

Tomorrow is a big day. Excited to get started. 

Kevbo out. 

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