May 17 – Day 24 “Change of Plans”

Miles 7
PCT Mile: 369.4

I slept rather fitfully last night. The wind blew so hard that, at times, I felt that I was going to parachute away.  But I am determined to stay in bed until the sun comes up. 

Slowly, I broke camp trying to keep everything from blowing away while stuffing my pack. Since I had gone through 5 liters of water yesterday, I needed the remaining 1/2 liter to tie me over to Wrightwood. Yes, I’m going to Wrightwood!

I was thinking that 13 lbs of water off my back would make it easy to cover 5 miles. The pack was lighter, but I could tell my body was very tired. There was a little climb just out of camp, and I could feel the muscles in my neck and back start to spasm. My legs felt kinda like jello.  

As I came over a crest, I could see Mt. Baden-Powell. The PCT takes you to the bottom then straight back up. Normally, I love that kind of challenge. Today, I just don’t have it in me. I want to climb with a positive attitude and a well rested body! I’m going to Wrightwood!

I’m now in town and totally kicking back. When I got to my room around 2pm, I laid on the bed and promptly fell asleep for 3 hours!!! Just what the doctor ordered!

Recharging my batteries!  Life is good!

Did I mention that I was going to Wrightwood? šŸ˜œ

Kevbo out!

7 thoughts on “May 17 – Day 24 “Change of Plans”

  1. Paul A Johnson

    I was very concerned when I was doing my daily stalking (Garmin) and saw you made an immediate right turn and headed to Wrightwood. Glad to hear everything is okay. šŸ™‚


  2. Julie sheehan

    You are one determined and strong MoFo. I think you need a few mantra songs in your head. A few Tuesdays ago I made everyone stick out their finger like E.T. And sing, “this little light of mine, I’m
    Gonna let it shine…”. Even had the men singing and smiling like happy five year olds. You are shining your light my friend. Thanks for the gorgeous photos and inside thoughts. Sounds like you are learning about radical self compassion and the like! Think how boring your posts would be if you were like, “today was just another blissful day. I was at peace with everything around me and the weather cooperated and I shat unicorns and skittles. ” BOOOOORRRRING! Not you! You’re bringing the meat and the good fight. Keep it up! Rooting you on!


  3. Gary Aquilina

    Kevin I am really intrigued by Wrightwood, please let us know what interesting things are in this place of refuge. Keep up the greatness of your efforts! be well.


  4. Ralph

    So glad to hear you know when the warning signs tell you to slow down As you know sometimes we push yourself too far and make mistakes I’ll say the extra prayer today. Climb on when you’re ready The boys miss you


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