May 15-Day 22 “Cajon Pass”

Miles 15
PCT Mile: 342

I had 15 miles this morning to get to Cajon Pass. My resupply is at the Best Western hotel and some bad weather looked to be coming my way. Decisions needed to be made, but a McDonalds was first on the list. 

I started hiking and it began to rain. I had layers on and I was climbing so it felt pretty good. Once I crossed to the eastern side of the mountain, the rain subsided. 

My “Good Morning” rainbow…

As I descended, the winds really kicked up and the temperature dropped. I could tell that my timing to Cajon Pass was going to be perfect. I arrived at McDonald’s around noon and saw this. Ungodly amounts of food were being consumed by PCTers. It was so cool!

Tomorrow is a big day! It’s 22 1/2 miles to the first reliable water source at Guffy Spring’s with over 4,000 feet to ascend. The weather is also playing a big factor. There’s a high wind advisory this evening with winds at 25-35 mph and gusts up to 55 mph on the ridges. Luckily, Cajon Pass is the last stop before this climb and there’s a Best Western here. I’m staying the night and will decide my plan of action in the morning. 

It’s 112 miles to my next shower and resupply. I’d better make the best of it. 

Thanks for following…

Kevbo out!

6 thoughts on “May 15-Day 22 “Cajon Pass”

  1. Julie sheehan

    Your posts let me know how much I take showers, a bed, a good night sleep, water from a faucet and FOOD for granted. The rainbows were beautful, thanks for sharing!


  2. Gary Aquilina

    Kevbo: Your words and photos get better everyday. Stay strong, you are doing a great job and committed to seeing this through, which in some ways makes me realize the value of tenacity, strength, and pushing through any obstacle.
    Thank you for your sharing, it makes a difference for us. Be well.


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