May 14 – Day 21. “Happy Mother’s Day”

Miles 22.5

PCT mile 328

I want to give a quick shout out to my lovely wife, Jennifer. You are an incredible mother and I am blessed to be with you. Thanks for your support. I love you dearly!

Allison, congratulations on your first Mother’s Day. You must be so happy. I love you Sweetie!

Linda, Rebecca, Stacy, Janice, and Rita…Happy Mother’s Day as well. You are the best!!!!

Mom, this hike’s for you…

Since I had cowboy camped last night, I woke up to a frozen sleeping bag. Ice had accumulated on the outside. I was wearing my down vest and jacket so I wasn’t cold, but I just didn’t want to get out of my bag!  

My goal today was 22.5 miles. Cleghorn campground was the most logical place and it was next to Silver Lake. I’d heard that a pizza place 9 miles away delivered so I was determined to get there. I needed a reward for my last 3 days!

It was long and difficult, but I finally arrived around 5:30 thankful to done for the day. Four of my snowboarders were with me so we ordered pizza. It took over an hour to arrive and about 10 minutes to devour 2 pizzas, wings, and fried zucchini. Oh, and 2 liters of RC Cola. 

Kevbo out!

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