May 12-day 19 “Finally, some flat after a zero!”

Miles 20.5
PCT mile 285.71

So I’ve been sporting some form of a spare tire for about 43 years now. The size has varied anywhere between a mountain bike and a small tractor tire. In about two weeks, I predict it will be the size of a shriveled inner tube. Now, you might think this is an extreme way to lose the gut, I agree but it’s working!

I had heard that the next 100 miles or so were not the most picturesque on the PCT. Since I’d been doing so much climbing, I looked at my elevation map for the next few days. It was mostly downhill. I thought to myself. Finally, some flat trail after a zero day in Big Bear Lake. That was a good thing because I did not feel like hiking. My pace was slow and my head wasn’t doing my body any favors. 20 miles Kev, then you can stop. 

My left foot, the one that had major surgery on it, was not very happy. I thought that over the past couple of strenuous days, before my zero day, it had somehow decided to cooperate. Not today. Maybe it was my state of mind. 

The scenery was marginal at best. It turns out that most of my trekking over the next 4 days was through various fire ravaged areas that have not recovered. 

I finally reached a decent camping spot just as the sun was setting. 20.5 miles, but I felt rather unimpressed about the day’s accomplishment. My left foot was aching and I just wanted to be done. 

Ran into my snowboarders working on their circus act. They always put a smile on my face….

Kevbo out!

One thought on “May 12-day 19 “Finally, some flat after a zero!”

  1. Julie sheehan

    Ok so second comment as I read these out of order- I take good for granted but I think you might be doing that with the scenery. Beside open spaces and greenery beat traffic and concrete any day. Love to hear the real ups and downs you’re facing. Thanks for not sugar coating anything. I love the company you keep too and the battles in your own head and body. They will be best friends by the end of your trip! Hugs to you my friend! Keep trucking!


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