May 9 – Day 16 “Just more trekking”

Miles 20.7
PCT mile: 256.2

After putting in 24 miles yesterday, I wasn’t sure if I could do the full 20 miles today. Let’s see if my body will respond.

The next reliable water source was about 15 miles away so I would be carrying 6.5 L of water. That’s about 7 more pounds that I’m not used carrying. 

Right out of the shoot, I’m climbing. Jeez, not just a gradual, good morning to you, kind of climb either. I immediately change my goal from number of miles to a workout zone. By that I mean keeping my heart rate between 140 and 150 bpm. I define sauntering as something like windowshopping. I define plodding as 1.5-2 mph. I was hiking somewhere between a saunter and a plod… for three hours. It’s crazy. I left camp at 6:30am and by noon I had knocked out 11 miles! There is one thing about the PCT, if you climb long enough, you’ll eventually start going down. Not flat…but down. 

I had reached my goal and had calculated my food perfectly. I have one bar left for breakfast in the morning. It’s going to be an easy 10 miles x 10 a.m.

Kevbo out!

2 thoughts on “May 9 – Day 16 “Just more trekking”

  1. Jeremy

    Kevbo!I’m a 43 old Backpacker and surveyor by trade. I was diagnosed with ALS one year ago and am quote-unquote resting. It sucks being stuck here but I am living raw and vicarious on the PCT through your posts. I’m there in spirit enjoying the Western Vista and the hard days to. Keep it burning for me and soar with the Eagle


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