May 8 – Day 15. “Put in some miles”

Miles 24.2
PCT mile: 235.4

Big Bear Lake was my next resupply location. I had supplied myself with enough food to cover 4.5 days and was already down 2 days with 55 miles to go. 

There had been a mountain fire 25 miles ahead so no camping for 17 miles beyond that point. My plan was to hike 24 miles to the edge of the burn, maybe 20ish tomorrow, thus leaving me an easy 10 miles on Wednesday morning. I could chill the rest of that day and take a full Thursday recouping. 

This section was not particularly picturesque, just a lot of up and a little down. I love hiking alone, so I said so long to my snowboarders. Okay, let’s do this. 

Now is the time to talk about the PCT and it’s first 250 miles or so. I am on day 15 and nothing about these first 235 miles includes flat terrain…period! I go up 4,000 feet, down 2,000 feet, up 3,000 feet, up 5,000 more feet, down 9,000 feet. If you plan to hike the PCT, be prepared. It’s both exhilarating and exhausting. My body is finally adjusting to hard days. I’ve never woken up sore…because I trained. Your feet will go through pure hell for the first 2 weeks. It’s not if you get blisters, it’s how well you care for them. Know your hotspots and carry Leukotape! Minimize the inevitable pain. There’s a lot you can do BEFORE this journey. I couldn’t believe how many hiker’s feet were blown out after 50 miles (Mount Laguna). 

Today I reached a personal best. I backpacked 24.2 miles today. Gosh that felt good!!!!!

I get these crusties in my beard now. Someone has got to start pointing this out to me! 😜

Cowboy camped by a small stream with other hikers who had the same plan as me. The moon is so bright at night that you can read a book!

Kevbo out. 

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