May 10-Day 17 & 18 “Big Bear Lake!”

Miles 10
Like I said, an easy 10 miles to highway 18 for a hitch into town. I was on the trail by 6:30 AM and covered that 10 miles x 10 o’clock. It took me 3 1/2 hours. 
It’s 12 miles to Big Bear Lake and there were lots of PCT hikers standing on the road trying to get a ride into town. I pulled out my phone and said, “What the heck, maybe there’s an Uber driver in town.” Jackpot! He pulled up 15 minutes later. There were three ragged and very smelly guys trying to hitch in as well. My driver was very cool. I asked if he would drop them off at the hostel before taking me to the really nice Best Western at the bottom of the ski slopes. I’m not kidding. This place is really nice. $86 per night and I have complete solitude. Breakfast included. Look out BW, Kevbo’s in town. 

By the way, a jacuzzi tub not only soothes the old bones, it makes for a great washing machine. I’m just sayin’

My next blog will be from the trail. There’s not much to talk about when I’m in town. I want to just chill. 

Thanks for following me!

Kevbo out!

11 thoughts on “May 10-Day 17 & 18 “Big Bear Lake!”

  1. Leonard Ruggieri

    Kevbo or should I say Trail Dad 🙂 Was great to wake up this morning and see your posts from the last 4 to 5 days. It makes me feel like I’m there with you, without all the hard work. Doing good my friend….keep it up!


  2. Gary Aquilina

    OK so I thought the point was to see how one can walk a journey of a lifetime, roughing it in the great outdoors, and dealing with the elements. Now your in a Jacuzzi, washing your clothes, and living it up! :)?
    Just don’t get used to it, you might start thinking about getting a hoverboard and finishing the rest of the PCT with that.
    Be well!


  3. Ralph

    Wow! Sounds like you’re on a magical vacation I thought you were supposed to be suffering more.. just kidding glad you’re going to take care of his body and mind to. Along the way. The boys of asking to send You best wishes. Ralph


  4. William Ikard

    that is what Barb and I use for a washer….nothing like a good old Hot Tub!!! Have a spot tomorrow at Rossmore at 10:00….Crow Saturday at 8:30….you can make it…!!! It is great to follow you and the map of where you have been!


  5. Julie sheehan

    I can’t imagine how good a shower much less a tub feels. Love that you called an Uber driver. Your face looks happy and I appreciate how impressed you are with your hard work and your ability to kick ass on the trail. Awesome stuff my friend!!


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