May 5 – Day 12 “Happy Cinco De Mayo”

Miles: 0
PCT mile: 177

What an awesome day of doing almost nothing! Tom and I cruised around town doing various errands today. We resupplied for the upcoming 87 miles to Big Bear City, visited the gear shop, ate Mexican food, and discussed route alternatives with other hikers. Now we’re just chilling out and trying to maximize the remaining R&R hours before our big climb tomorrow. 
There’s a pretty good storm coming tomorrow afternoon and there’s a bunch of us who want to summit Mt. Jacinto Peak at 10,800 feet. It’s a little over 7 miles to the top. If we can summit by noon, that should give us enough time to hike the 9 miles down to around 6,000 feet before the storm hits. 
If you have never heard of the little town called Idyllwild, you should consider coming here. It’s very peaceful with lots of little shops and restaurants. There are cabins of all kinds for rent and a beautiful mountain backdrop that’s perfect for outdoor activities. It has a Sierra mountains kind of feel to it and the people here are wonderful.

Wish me luck tomorrow and the next couple of days. Stormy weather means story weather 😜. 

Thanks again for your great comments. I really appreciate them. 

Kevbo out. 

12 thoughts on “May 5 – Day 12 “Happy Cinco De Mayo”

  1. Leslie

    Good luck on your climb tomorrow and hope you make it before the storm hit. Think the weather should be milder after the heat over the last 2 days


  2. Ray

    Good luck buddy you make me wish I was there with experiencing all the fun you’re having I can tell you’re in heaven and I’m jealous


  3. Julie sheehan

    Stormy weather means stories for us, you say?! Well then.. let’s find a nice compromise for all of us so we can be entertained but you can be safe. So happy to hear you had a rest day . Every time a new post comes in, I’m astounded by the growing Mileage. Balls to the wall man. You are something else! May you be blister free, snake avoidant, heart wide open and dry for the next segment! Sending you much love, a hug from afar (since it sound like I can smell you from here) and a happy song in your head.


  4. Patty Prunty

    Idyllwild is a great town. A nice place to rejuvenate. Safe travels to Big Bear, another great town. Love reading the adventures. Amazing how far you travel each day. 🙂 hugs


  5. Gary Aquilina

    Hope the climb wasn’t too strenuous and the weather wasn’t too bad. Nothing like walking in wet boots, on a muddy trail, rain blowing sideways into your ears, the map is drenched, and its hard to grip the hiking poles.
    So if it wasn’t like that cool, if it was worse, sorry. Keep up the good work, we enjoy reading about the days adventures.
    Be well


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