May 4 – Day 11 “Just kickin’ it”

Miles 12

PCT mile: 177

The plan was a Nero but hiked 11 miles because I wasn’t paying attention to my GPS. As a result, I was rewarded with a 4 1/2 hour friggin climb that my mind was not prepared for. That’s okay. I arrived in Idyllwild around 1pm and all is forgiven. Tom and I shared a 16″ pizza for lunch. Afterwards, I stopped by the grocery store for fresh fruit, granola, and yogurt. Oh, and chocolate milk for dessert. That was my dinner. Heaven!

Town pics tomorrow plus a little discussion about foot/shoe preparation. I’ve seen some pretty gnarly blisters and taped over a dozen feet. For Pete’s sake, if you’re going to put your feet through hell on earth, be prepared!!!!!
Kevbo out

3 thoughts on “May 4 – Day 11 “Just kickin’ it”

  1. Hi Kev,
    your early morning hug ;-). Where are you, no garmin route since lake hermet.
    We saw your bad day with late arrival on garmin, but didn’t imagine that its was so bad. More luck the next days.


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