May 2 – Day 9  “Rest when it’s hot!”

Miles 17

PCT mile: 144

I’m not going to make the same mistakes as yesterday! Out of camp by 6:30am. Hiked 10 miles by about 11:00 and it was getting really hot. I saw the Tule Spring water sign and I really needed water. It was .25 miles down a steep trail. As I came around the corner, I hear the familiar calling of my name from the snowboarders. They were all camped in the shade determined to wait out the heat. 

Pete directed me down a very steep bank to the “stream”.  Now stream is a very generous word. It was more like a trickle running through mud and some orange mineral substance. I could barely get a small cup under the flow. Eventually, my 4 liter gravity bag was full. I scrambled up the embankment and joined the group for the afternoon bake off…and hydration. We were in for a long wait. I looked around and chuckled. Our fingernails were full of dirt. Our sweaty bodies attracted dust from head to toe yet we were all laughing and joking about everything. I laid there for five hours dreaming of my next shower. 

I’m trying to reach Idyllwild by Thursday afternoon for a much needed break so I had to put more miles in. We all left around 4pm and added 7 more miles to the day. 

I Cowboy camped at the boulders, PCT mile 144, a beautiful setting! Paradise Valley Cafe is an 8 mile hike in the morning. The calorie intake tomorrow will be epic!

Kevbo out. 

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