April 30 – Day 7  “I dreamed of golf.”

Miles: 19
PCT Mile: 109

First. Brotha Ray. You need to click the WordPress link on the Facebook post to get the entire story 😜

3 stories follow…
The guys that know me might get a kick out of this. I dreamed that I was in a televised golf tournament. First hole, par 5, I crush my drive and birdie the hole. People are like, ohhhhh, this guy could be good. Second hole is a par 3 with a tough approach. I’m embarrassed that I don’t have a caddy and I start fumbling in my bag for an 8 iron. After much deliberation, I’m finally ready to hit the ball. I exhale slowly and hit a pretty good shot. As the ball is about to land, it hits a spectator and drops into the bunker leaving an impossible sand shot to the green. 4 strokes later, I put a double bogey on the card. Dream over. Now don’t over analyze this. I just suck at golf. 
Today was a tough haul in the heat. I easily hiked my 10 by 10 and reached Barrel Springs to rehydrate. On the way, I passed the 100 mile marker…

I began to think about this milestone. It has been a ball buster week. I feel great but my feet are rebelling daily. On a scale of 1-10, they are at a 7 by the end of the day. Here are my goals so far.

1. 10+ miles by 10am…check. Grade: A+

2. 20+ miles per day when required…check. Grade B/B- I can do 20 miles by 3pm, but I’m wiped out. If I rest for 3 hours, I still don’t feel like hiking another hour or two. 

So I started calculating. At my current pace, I should get to Canada at the end of October. Now that’s not going to work. My plan is late September. I was not disappointed but started to develop goal #3. My body must get to a level over the next two weeks where I’m doing 25’s & 30’s. 
When I arrived at Barrel Springs, I met Jason. He finished the PCT in 2014. What a cool kid. I summarized my physical accomplishments and he was impressed. Most people aren’t at that level yet. He said to be patient and over the coming weeks my body would adjust. I would reach my 25/30 goal soon. Just don’t get injured and be patient! Cool! How fun is this?  
Now here’s the story behind this picture. 

This guy was just rambling to anyone who would listen. I heard him say 2 times over the span of 5 minutes that he was an attorney. After that, I started getting my pack ready. As I put it on my back, he saw my Delorme. He immediately started blabbing about his GPS messaging plan. When he was done, I told him that the unlimited plan removes all worries and eliminates a level of unnecessary stress. He said that it was too expensive. I said just charge your clients for 2 hours of consultation and it pays for the 6 month unlimited message plan. He said that no one wants his services. Okaaay. Nice chat. See ya. 

Hang around long enough. A story always pops up. 

I’m staying in Warner Springs tonight with a large crowd of PCTers. It’s the last resupply before Idylwild. 60 miles…post office opens at. There’s going to be a big rush in the morning!

Kevbo out…

9 thoughts on “April 30 – Day 7  “I dreamed of golf.”

  1. Jeff Harrison

    Thanks for the updates and keep up the good work! I would imagine your body will first tear down and then build back once it know this is the pace it needs to work at! Persistence will prevail! Have fun my friend!

    Jeff Harrison


  2. Kevin, we deliver meals-on–wheels here in Bozeman where your Dad lives. Over the past couple of years we have grown to really enjoy your Dad as we visit each week. We are so happy he shared your blog as we love following you on this venture! It is an amazing adventure! Good luck and God Speed! Ken Killian and Mary Jo Saboe, Bozeman, MT


  3. Julie sheehan

    100 miles!?? Daaaaymmmnnn!! Go kevin! So cool to get and give Jen a hug today via your instructions at the end of TRX. Love that technology can connect all of us from, what seems like many planets away.. We are all rooting for you. I agree with the guy you met. Your body will adjust. You are one mentally and physically strong man and trusting the process will get you right where you need to be. Loved the pic of the PCT trail carved into the wood. There is much you can prepare for and you did. Now the trail is there to train and teach you in a way you couldn’t have done at home. Much love to you!


  4. Dan Prince

    Kevin, Congrats on the first 100 miles! I know several PCT thru-hikers who all said the first 2-3 weeks were tough, but the body adjusted and they were able to significantly increase mileage. Looking forward to meeting up with you in Washington sometime in September. If timing works out maybe join you for a segment. Enjoying your blog! Dan


  5. Ray

    Congratulations my best buddy , 100 miles wow! Only a couple thousand to go you got this! MIiss you my friend. I love telling people I know and even strangers I meet about your adventure and how I was lucky enough to be a part of it. I carry my iPad from work everywhere I go so I can pull it out and show everybody where you are following the dotted line telling them look this is where he is now! Then scrolling back to the beginning and say I was there with him right here Mexico border Yep I was there !


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