April 28 – Day 5

Miles: 13
PCT Mile 77.32

I was so happy to be up and out of my tent at 5:30am this morning. I had a thin layer of dust on me, my mouth was dry,and a shower was just 13 miles away. I have shelved my EKD line of fragrances temporarily. I provided free samples to other thru-hikers. It was not well received. Oh well, onto the next idea.  

The morning hike was spectacular but the trail conditions are very rocky. People are frequently tweeking their knees and ankles. You always have to keep your eyes on the trail. That gets to be a little frustrating after awhile. 

I reached the highway at about 9:15am and decided to turn right and go to the Stagecoach RV resort just 4 miles away. Everyone wanted to hitchhike into Julian or to the RV park. I started walking.  It was only 4 miles. How hard can that be? It was 90°, I was hot, tired, and wanted a friggin shower! No one was stopping to give me a ride! How selfish was I to even expect that? They don’t owe me anything. Yet, I found myself getting just a little irritated. I was picked up by a trail angel about 1/2 mile from the RV park. I had hiked almost 13 miles by 10:30!  

Sometimes we just don’t realize that those who are less fortunate can always use a random act of kindness. For someone to give a smelly old homeless guy a ride up the road, even if it was a 1/2 mile, meant the world to me. Lesson learned…put myself in other people’s shoes. The world looks a little different from the other side. 

The RV park is essentially a sandlot. The wind blows so hard at night that you can’t anchor your tent so I rented one of these. 

It has a shower, tiny cafe, and pool…literally in the middle of nowhere! It felt like heaven. One firehouse burger with bacon, fried egg, cheese and jalapeño. One basket of fries. One large Coke (not diet). One juice. One large bag of Fritos scoops with bean dip. One double scoop ice cream cone. One 30 minute shower. One swim in the pool. One half day of complete luxury. 

The next few days will be challenging. Lots of climbs and long distances in desert heat. Water sources will determine our days. I will try to post as frequently as possible but I might miss a couple of days now and then. 

Thanks so much for your texts and comments. Even though I don’t actively respond, I read and appreciate each one!!!

Kevbo out!

8 thoughts on “April 28 – Day 5

  1. Julie sheehan

    What gorgeous photos! To imagine how intense it must be in person. Thanks for sharing these. Love the wagon to sleep in. You’re bad ass my friend. So impressed with your tenacity already and I love your writing voice.


  2. William Ikard

    Barb and I are looking online to purchase a ” Wagon ” to tour the country in! We read your posts every day and love them! Prayers always for safety. Tee time Friday at 10:00am!!!


  3. Mark Vara

    Love your Stage Coach Inn sleeping quarters….and your burger sounds fabulous…..are you sure you are on the PCT…😎. Be safe my brother!!


  4. Leonard

    Kevbo, really enjoy reading your blog every day. Don’t worry about me steeling the perfume idea, the target market is most likely small. 🙂

    Hang in there my friend and enjoy to the max. Leonard


  5. Judy and Jim

    We look forward to your daily blog. Quite an adventure even with snakes, wind, sore feet, etc. You’re hiking through beautiful wilderness..
    Thanks for sharing with us. Keep walking!!!!!
    Jim and Judy


  6. Ralph A

    Thank you so much for your awareness in identifying the wonderful gifts you received from the pain you suffer. Your journaling is amazing.


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