April 27 – Day 4

Miles: 21
PCT Mile 68.4

So. There’s lots of time to think on the trail. If you don’t train your mind to go somewhere else, then you risk letting the trail beat you that day. Today was a perfect example. I hiked 11 hours today. Water was scarce, the rocks were tough on the ankles and the last 2 hours were brutal on the feet!! Bottom line…I’m exhausted.

The good news is that I’ve come up with a new product idea. The version 1.0 requirements are complete…don’t shower for 4 days. It’s now in full development. I’m creating a wonderful new fragrance called Eau De Kevbo or EDK. It’s made from the essence of skunk, ripe gorganzola, tuna fish sandwich, steaming brussel sprouts, and a super secret extra ingredient. My slogan is “Like a fine wine, EDK just gets better with age. And…EDK only comes off if you shower. Guaranteed, or your money back!”. Now some of you might want to jump on this idea before I get home. While there are similar knockoffs all around me, my fragrance will always be unique. I’m working on the pricing now. Don’t laugh. I’m serious!

I was so happy to see my snowboard group show up. They inspire me in a youthful way. Many hikers here tonight are in the same boat as me. Everyone needs a well deserved rest. We’re all talking about a 9 mile hike to the highway tomorrow where some are going into Julian and some to Stagecoach RV. I haven’t decided which direction I’ll be taking. When I get to the fork in the road, that’s when I’ll make my choice. If I don’t go right or left tomorrow, there’s a 25 mile stretch without water. That’s a big carry after today. 

One more snake story.  I have about 2 hours of hiking left and I badly need of a break.  I come to a bend in the trail. There’s a big rock that would be perfect to sit on but it’s in the sun. So…I chose a shady spot right next to the trail. I’m hydrating and moving liquids around to distribute my weight. All done, I stand up to put on my pack. 

This bad boy had climbed on the rock where I was initially going to sit.  He sssssssaid, “Hellllloooo”.  I  said, “G’bye!”.

Kevbo out!

5 thoughts on “April 27 – Day 4

  1. Kevin in Oregon

    Bravo. Your progress is impressive.
    I’m not usually a commenter, but I like your blog.
    I’m 47 today, and intend to follow your lead in a couple years. I take you as an inspiration.
    Keep up the good stuff.


  2. Gary Aquilina

    When EDK hits Nordstrom’s Maybe I’ll check it out. Sounds like a late night info-mercial product.
    Also, snakes can be your friend, maybe he will lead you to water.
    Happy walking!


  3. Julie sheehan

    I think your scent idea is fabulous . We will all wear it to your first spin class back and then invite Kim in to check it out.


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