April 26 – Day 3

Miles: 10

I woke up this morning determined to beat the snowboarding crowd out of camp. It was a little after 6 o’clock. I folded all my stuff and jammed it in my backpack. I ate a protein bar, drank some water, washed my hands and I was off. 30 minutes baby!  

I only had a 4 mile climb into Mount Laguna where I was going to pick up my resupply package. It was the right kind of climb but I could tell that my body was tired from the previous two days. 


The small café opened at 9 o’clock and I arrived at 8:30, so I walked down the road to the post office. Surprise! They open at noon ☹️. My wife told me that adaptability was part of my journey. I went into the tiny store with some other thru hikers and bought two small bags of picante corn nuts. Okay. They were awesome. Oh the salt…so yummy. 

By the time the café opened, a large group of us were primed for breakfast. The café had a limited supply of food so there were rules about how to order. Your choice of three items and no seconds. You placed your order. The guy wrote down your name and they called you when it was ready. The food was marginal, but socializing with everyone was really cool. I had the opportunity to tell the snowboarding group why I came up with that name. They loved it! Now I’m hanging out with them but not in the way you might think. They are very entertaining and I can tell that we are truly in this together!

I bandaged a girls feet who had blisters everywhere! Poor thing. She was in a lot of pain and going nowhere. 

By noon, we were all milling about waiting for the post office to open. Finally, we got our boxes. Wow! I can’t believe how heavy my pack is now. 

A bunch of us decided that the last reasonable place to camp was the Laguna campground 6 miles away. We hit the desert tomorrow and it’s about 15 miles to our first water source. The goal is to make 20 miles tomorrow. With my resupply and 4 L of water, it’s going to be a challenge 

It was good that today was just 10 miles. . I washed my clothes in the water faucet by the toilets. Now we’re just chilling until morning. 

One more thing. As I was cruising down the trail, I came to a large step.  I bent down using my poles for support. As I was doing this, a long sledor black and yellow snake darted out from a bush and struck at my pole. Holy crap!  I checked my pants. All good. Move on. After that, I was convinced that another one was just around the next bend in the trail. 

See you tomorrow. Happy trails!!!

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