April 25 – Day 2

Miles: 18
After finishing my first trail blog, I finally fell asleep at 3 AM. At friggin 6 AM the alarm went off. The 20 somethings were finished with breakfast, packing up, and almost ready to go. I rolled out of my tent at 6:30 and said good morning…. and they were off. I looked around our campsite, and out of a dozen or so tents, there were 3 remaining. One guy was struggling with his knee and not feeling well. The other was only doing 6 miles a day to slowly get his body into shape. Good luck with that. Then there was me, the old guy. I ate a full breakfast and made coffee. The whole milk powder kinda sucks. It clumps and doesn’t dissolve so it wasn’t that morning cup of Joe that I was really looking forward to. I’ll use it in my oatmeal from now on. 

I was finally out of the campsite at 8:30. My next most logical place to camp for the night was 18 miles away. Ugh. There was a lot of resistance from the Minion union, so I had a meeting with Minion Dave. He informed me that there was a lot of complaining from the leg and glute union due to the extreme overtime from the day before. I told them to suck it up and get moving. There was a lot of grumbling but they reluctantly went to work. I could tell they were NOT happy. Now there’s a shocker 😜. After a while, they realized that I wasn’t quitting. About an hour in, I was cruising.  

Around noon I joined some hikers having lunch on a nice big rock. During our conversation, a couple of the ladies said that they were struggling with blisters. I told them about my Leukotape. Boom! Before you know it I was putting tape on their feet. Dr. Scholl to the rescue. 

Every PCTer posts this picture. I’m no exception…

The weather was perfect but the trail was really tough on the feet. It was very rocky and mostly uphill. When I finally rolled into camp at 5:30, the 20 somethings were in full party mode. They remind me of the young snowboarding crowd. Dude, let’s smoke a bowl and shred this gnarly powder! The oldest in the group is 25. I would say that we have a slight generation gap. There’s 7 guys and 3 girls. They’ve bonded quickly and their conversations are quizzical. Not my thing, but hey…they are on a journey just like me. They hurt and have blisters. Today was tough on them too. I’m on their pace and that makes me feel good 😄.   
A big shout out to Julie, Stephanie, and Cathryn at Lifestyles Rx. Your spin classes kicked my ass but now I love you for it. 

John P. I passed mile 33 without issues.  Inside joke. 😜

Honey, I love you! ❤️ 

I’m heading to Mount Laguna in the morning for my first resupply. 

Happy trails!

8 thoughts on “April 25 – Day 2

  1. Gary Aquilina

    Keep up the good work for all of us old dudes and dudettes. Great photos as always, and I’m happy to see you are getting inspiration from the journey! Hike on Brother!


  2. Julie sheehan

    Thanks for the shout out! Love the nickname for the young crowd and that you’re keeping up with them- but I’d expect nothing less. So very cool that you’re out there taking care of people the way you always have with that big heart. I checked on a Jen Monday. She said to ask her , “how are you doing TODAY?” instead of the too broad “how are you doing?” In general. You two are adorable and inspiring. Sending you much love and strength! Thanks so much for blogging and sharing. I’m pretty sure I’m
    Seeing things I’d never otherwise get to see


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