Day 1-Campo to Lake Morena

April 24 – Day 1Miles: 22

Ray and I at the southern terminus looking for an ass too carry my pack ๐Ÿ˜œ. 

Sorry, Wrong picture. 

It’s 6:00am at the border. After two very sleepless nights, I’m finally here. It’s 35 degrees and I don’t even notice. After taking pictures and saying so long to my brother Ray, I’m off. 

The trail was nice so this made cruising pretty easy. As the day wore on, I caught other hikers and we chatted a little along the way. This definitely is an HYOH thing. Everyone has a hiking speed that’s their own. I lead a small group for about two hours then dropped out. 

I hiked 9 miles by 10am. Pretty good for my first day. My muscles were getting fatigued so I stopped for lunch at noon. 12.5 miles down….and counting.

Find the lizard. 

Got to hauser creek by 2pm, the 15 mile mark. Now I have a choice. Make camp here or crank the 5 mile uphill (1,000 ft.) climb to Lake Morena. My feet were killing me but I had way too much daylight left. So I rested about 45 minutes. Okay, that 45 minute rest felt like 15 but I stood up and put on my pack. Surprisingly, I felt pretty good. The climb was hard and my pace slow, but my training up Mt. Diablo paid off. I arrived at the lake by 5:30. 

I turn in around 9pm. It felt so good to lie down!! Out like a light, I’m wide awake at 2am writing my first blog from the trail. Jeez! I now sleep will come…eventually. 

Happy trails for now!!!

7 thoughts on “Day 1-Campo to Lake Morena

  1. Ray

    I knew you would make to the lake buddy, miss you already. Stayed the night at the hotel and hung out and did pretty much nothing, relaxed slept and are, heading back yoday


  2. Gary Aquilina

    Great writing, your words paint a picture of the experience, almost like being there! ha ha.
    Talk care of your feet, and best wishes for a safe hike.


  3. William Ikard

    Is that a big lizard in the middle of the rock…this is great following you this way…like being there…we are waiting for a plane to Kona,,…oh no, should not have told you that! sorry


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