Resupply spreadsheet

For those who might be interested, I have posted my resupply strategy for this trip.  As you can see, I have routed myself up to Ashland twice.  Once to attack the Sierras from the North and the second is to continue my trip Northward to Canada.

Ah ha!  Found a bug in WordPress.  The PDF file doesn’t open up unless there is a “Continue” option.  Here you go…

Kevin Resupply

2 thoughts on “Resupply spreadsheet

  1. Kam

    I think you are underestimating how much snow is in NCal in early June. NOBOs seem to think the only snow is in the high sierra. In 2014 for us SOBOSs there was significant snow in Goat Rocks, Mt Adams and the Sisters wilderness into mid July. That was in an average year, but we had late snows with a cool spring. The high sierra and Cascades are still getting snow into mid April and with the record high amounts in the sierra there is a good chance NCal will be much more difficult than many anticipate.


    1. Point well taken! I’ve really struggled with this. I may need to change plans but I’m hoping for warm weather from here on out. Crossing my fingers for a safe journey regardless of direction….


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