One key resupply change

As I am now only 11 days from departing, I have been going over my resupply strategy..for the 100th time.  Mammoth/Reds Meadow is a very busy location.  There are tourists everywhere and I mean…everywhere!  Last year I drove through there on my way back from hiking the Bishop Creek Trail (Incredible hike by the way).  It was so crowded!!! In the back of my mind I was thinking that this might not be the best place to hangout as a smelly hiker.  I read a PCTer’s blog from last year and she described it as a “sh@t show”.  Given that I’m hiking the Sierra section from the north, one of my resupplies is at mile 942, Tuolumne Meadows.  From there it’s only about 70 miles to Vermillion Valley Resort (VVR).  From VVR to the Bishop Pass Trail, it’s approximately 60 miles plus a long downhill into town.  Bishop is a great little town and won’t be nearly as crowded.  I can avoid going into Mammoth altogether.  After all, the incredible beauty of this area is where we have been hiking.  Some food for thought…enjoy your day!

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