Protect the feet!

I’ve seen many pictures of hikers with ugly blisters.  Some even looked so infected that the pain must have been borderline unbearable. I’m thinking there’s got to be a way to prevent such a devastating start to this wonderful journey.  I have hiked many miles in preparation for the PCT and finally found a solution that works for me. This might work for you too!  Leukotape, Leukotape, Leukotape. I’ve tried everything and nothing worked. Bandaids and moleskin wouldn’t stay in place because of moisture and constant rubbing.  Creams work for a while but you need to keep applying it throughout the day…everyday. I apply Leukotape to every place on my feet where I can get blisters. My feet are a mess because of thin ankles and major surgery so I have strips everywhere. The incredible thing about this tape is that it does NOT come off. I wear it for a week at a time. I hike many miles per day, sit in the hot tub, take showers, and repeat this routine daily. The tape stays in place until eventually the adhesive breaks down. I can go a couple of weeks if my toes are wrapped. Cool stuff. I get it from Amazon. 

Additionally, my shoes are 1/2 size larger and a generous toe box. This prevents my toes from rubbing as they swell throughout the day. I learned this after testing Keens, Solomons, Altras, and Sauconys.  I love my Saucony Nomad TRs. 

2 thoughts on “Protect the feet!

  1. Dan

    Here’s a technique I came up with on my hike in 1974. Once you have a blister, take a needle and 8″ white thread. Sanitize them and sew through the blister so the thread is half way. Cut off the needle and place your sock on. While you are sleeping the liquid in the blister will wick out into your sock. No pain!

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